Our Panama Hat Turns 10

10 years of fewer, better means a decade of partnering with global artisans to craft quality wardrobe staples. For us, fewer, better extends beyond the wardrobe—it is the art of mastering design, quality, and sustainability. As we celebrate this milestone, we’re highlighting a selection of special pieces that have held their place in our collection over the last decade. One of those is our Panama Hat.

Did You Know?

Our Panama Hat is made from renewable resources.

Each hat is woven with toquilla straw, a renewable resource made from young Toquilla palm fronds that are harvested without harming the main tree.

The craft of weaving this hat is a historical art.

Every piece is woven by women in their homes using heritage techniques identified by UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Cuyana launched with the Panama Hat.

Born and raised in Ecuador, our co-founder Karla Gallardo was committed to championing makers in Cuyana’s collections. In order to do so, she created the Panama Hat as our first-ever product.

Our Panama Hat As Told By Kayla Ewell

Our Panama Hat is our first-ever product. Made by hand in Ecuador, this piece represents generations of skilled craftswomen who have passed along the art of weaving toquilla straw for many years. To celebrate this piece’s longevity, we turned to friend and customer Kayla Ewell. As she reflects on her own values, the producer and actress shares what inherited wisdom means to her. Learn her story.

Our Toquilla Hats Worn By Our Community

The 10 Year Journey