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10 Years With Our Totes

Ten years ago, we felt something was missing. We believed in quality, timeless products, but we could not find the approachable, beautiful pieces we were looking for. Cuyana was built on the foundation of fewer, better—an ethos that drives us to only make items that stand the test of time. 

Did You Know?

Our totes are designed for everyone.

Our very first totes were the Classic Leather and Tall Leather Totes. We created two to ensure that we had a style for everyone—moms, doctors, lawyers, advocates, artists—we mean everyone. 

Our totes are made to wear in—not out.

We teamed up with Argentinean craftsmen because their leather work is among the best in the world. For us, the most important thing was that we created a product that would stand the test of time. Our customers often share with us that they have worn their tote everyday for many years—that’s our idea of success. 

We want your tote to stay in your wardrobe and out of landfill. 

We created Leather Care Products—our Leather Spot Cleaner and Conditioner—to ensure your totes stay fresh. Our role does not end once you purchase your tote. Rather, we are here to help your tote last as long as possible with an array of leather care services. 

Our Tote As Told By Poorna Jagannathan

One product we set out to perfect was the tote. A best-selling piece and forever companion, it quickly became a community favorite. Poorna Jagannathan, an actress, producer, and dear friend of the Cuyana family, joined our 10 year celebration to share her experience with our best-selling bag and her everyday go-to. Here is her story. 

From Our Community

The 10 Year Journey