Our Limited-Edition 10 Year Colors

We’re celebrating our tenth anniversary: 10 Years of Fewer, Better. To kick off our celebrations, we created our best-selling pieces in limited-edition colors—vibrant shades to usher in a bright era ahead. Discover our most tried-and-true products, our totes and Travel Case Set, in brand-new hues. While our orange hue is representative of the original color of our logo and brand identity, the range of shades reflect our optimism for the future. We hope you enjoy them. 

Ten Year Anniversary Totes

Our go-to daily companions—the Classic Structured Tote and Small Structured Tote—are reimagined with three new interior colors: Orange, Yellow, and Blue. Available for a limited time, each shade was handpicked to add something bright to your daily routine. 

Our Classic Structured Leather Tote

A fan-favorite and enduring style, our classic tote maintains its structure and beauty overtime. Crafted with leather that wears in beautifully and a perfectly-placed interior pocket, this piece will quickly become a trusty companion with its subtle yet bright interior hue. 

Attach our removable strap to the interior hooks of our Structured Tote to ensure its versatility in your wardrobe. Whether it’s carried by the shorter straps or our longer crossbody strap, this piece will hold its place as a staple in your rotation. 

Our Small Structured Tote 

A smaller version of our most popular bag, our Small Structured Tote is designed to fulfill the role as your trusty sidekick. Wear it as a shoulder bag or as a crossbody bag with our longer removable strap. In its newest form, its soft Cappuccino exterior and bold interior strike a perfect balance for everyday wear. 

Limited-Edition Travel Case Set 

When we launched Cuyana ten years ago, we chose orange as our brand color. Why? Because like our experiences traveling across the world to find our global partners, craftswomen, and artisans, it is vibrant. 

As we evolved, we chose to update our brand logo in a sleek and versatile black to reflect the timelessness of our pieces. Still, that vibrancy is at the heart of our brand. We hope you enjoy one of our most beloved pieces in our original hue. 

Small Structured Leather Tote Small Structured Leather Tote in Cappuccino/Yellow
Classic Structured Leather Tote Classic Structured Leather Tote, Cappuccino/Yellow (Limited Edition), plp
Small Structured Leather Tote Small Structured Leather Tote, Cappuccino/Blue (Limited Edition), plp
Classic Structured Leather Tote Classic Structured Leather Tote, Cappuccino/Blue (Limited Edition), plp