Our New Zero Waste Shopper

We are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency and decrease waste in our production processes. With our Zero Waste collection, we are able to use inventory of leftover leather, pima cotton, and additional fabrics to give them renewed purpose. Each piece is a limited-edition creation, made with only the amount of leftover fabric. This is fewer, better.

Introducing the newest addition to our Zero Waste Collection: The Shopper. Made from production fabric liabilities, our latest launch is made to replace your single-use bags with one made from quality, machine-washable fabric.

Our Shopper is made from overstock Italian Cotton Twill from our Spring 2020 collection. We sourced this material for our pant and skirt, and are now proud to use every leftover piece with our latest Zero Waste addition. 

The Zero Waste Archive

Since launching our collection, each limited-edition product has been created from liability and overstock materials of past Cuyana products. 

Our very first Zero Waste product, the original Shopper, is made from overstock Peruvian pima cotton. This material derives from the summer 2020 production run of our Pima Scoop Neck Tee. Each leather accessory in our Zero Waste collection is made with overstock Italian leather. This smooth, supple leather is leftover from our spring 2020 collection and repurposed into timeless leather necessities.

Why Zero Waste Matters

Over 15 million tons of used textile waste is generated in the U.S. each year. We want to do our part to improve that number. By giving leftover materials a chance at longevity, we are able to ensure the otherwise wasted fabrics are put to use and enjoyed by someone for years to come.

How It Works 

Each of our Zero Waste Collection products employs a unique process based on the factory and material being used. We strive to create each piece from only leftover materials, meaning there are limited quantities of each product. We will continue adding pieces as we monitor for waste with each of our production partners.


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