Signature Candle

Signature Candle
Inspired by the heritage of South Asia, our signature candle is a celebration of story and culture, originating from our Co-Founder, Shilpa Shah. Raat Ki Rani (rhaath•kee•rhani) is the Hindi phrase meaning “queen of the night”.
Hand-poured in Brooklyn, our candle tells the story of unparalleled quality and a commitment to detail.
Night-blooming jasmine is a beautifully fragrant flower that blooms only at night, expressing a distinctively feminine scent that is clean and calming. Nicknamed “queen of the night”, Raat Ki Rani represents a beautiful balance between female strength and softness. Made in New York City by Joya, we collaborated to create a singular vision with a shared spirit through thoughtful craftsmanship and materials.
Crafted from the most precious of materials, our candle comes with a story to tell and a scent to call our very own. Not only do the employees of Joya enjoy a welcoming wage but they also customize each glass jar through a meticulous process of painting and printing. This signature scent has been developed to have its own unique expression; notes plucked from a personal catalog of olfactory memories, then evolved and re-expressed in a modern context.
A celebration of culture.
Feminine, clean and calming.
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