The continuity of life has little relation to calendar dates and years. When the world is moving at full speed, it’s difficult to know when one chapter ends and another begins. Still, the new year has a profound way of offering a look back into the past, reminding us that time is always surging forward.
The beauty of this simple turn of date is the clarity it lends to the future, encouraging new resolutions to help us evolve—but even when made with the best intentions, these personal promises can feel daunting. So, why not approach it differently this year? Eschew creating new boundaries for yourself in light of pushing the reset button all together with the guiding philosophy of fewer, better.
Fewer, better asks us to let go of the things in life that are no longer serving us. It is rooted in the art of living a simplified yet beautifully curated life that starts in your closet and continues into your home. Finally, it inspires the way you experience all five senses around the lifestyle you create. This January, let it inspire a full reset of both the tangible and intangible in your life—beginning with the little things.
Now we have 2018 before us, a year that seemed unimaginable until it arrived. Let it be the year you threw out the rule book you’ve always held dear. Let it be the year you built an original point of view through the things that inspire you, instil you with new-found self respect and remind you of the great power of living intentionally.
  • black
  • cream/black
  • blush

Silk Bow Blouse

Crepe De Chine Silk,
Made in the United States
Live simply.
Only the most essential.
  • black
  • oxblood
  • nude/white

Silk Striped Scarf

Italian Silk,
Made in Italy