Ponte Pant: Helen Johannesen

Helen Johannesen

Cuyana Ponte Legging Pant Lover and
Partner of Helen's and Jon & Vinny's

Helen Johannesen, Partner of Helen's and Jon & Vinny's, has an enviable job: selecting wines for some of LA’s hottest restaurants and leading classes and events to help empower those in the community. Throughout her busy day, she depends on the Ponte Legging Pant to keep her comfy and stylish.

“What I love about the company I’ve created is that every day is unique and different,” Helen says. “In the morning we’re packing up deliveries, during the day we’re interfacing with customers and at night we’re often hosting an off-site event. I need a versatile pant to see me through all of it.”

“I love to wear clothes that are comfortable, chic, functional and resilient,” Helen explains.

“I move around a lot, I lift boxes, I grab ice, I’m pouring wine – and wine can spill. My outfit needs to be something I can be active in, but still look good and put-together. The Ponte Pant is perfect for that – I can throw them on with a cute shirt, different shoes to ‘zsush’ it up and be out the door for an event,” Helen continues.

“I’m influenced by things that are really clean and modern, but really fun at the same time.”

Leading By Example

“When I started teaching wine classes, I did them for free, by invite-only, to women only. Wine is a mostly male-dominated area that women are often marginalized from. Although the audience has opened up, I still think it’s important as a female in this mostly male-dominated world to change that and lead by example.”

Helen’s Rules for Selecting Wine

Helen tastes a lot of wine throughout the week and there is a certain baseline for everything she buys:

- Must be organically grown from an agricultural standpoint – no use of herbicides or pesticides
- Must be dynamic on my palette and exciting to drink
- Don’t limit to a specific price point - but get to know your importers
- Must have some kind of minerality and acidity, with amazing balance

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Ponte Legging Pant

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Wool Cashmere Slim Crewneck Sweater

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