International Women's Day

The Power of You:

International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day, we reflect on our intentions. Cuyana was founded with an inherent, deep-rooted mission: we seek to have impact beyond creating beautiful apparel and accessories. We strive to empower women through advocating for fewer, better.

We truly believe that when you live life simply, with intention, it opens up the possibility of a vibrant, more fulfilling path.
A Focus On Paying It Forward

That’s why we created our Lean Closet Program—it’s a way for our customers to focus on buying and owning only what they love and passing on their forgotten pieces to be loved by someone else.

We send you a reusable bag to fill up with items that aren't helping you live your most beautiful life, your donations are sent directly to our partner, H.E.A.R.T (Helping Ease Abuse Related Trauma), as part of the Violence Intervention Program, to help victims of abuse move forward and build new lives.
An Artist That Inspires

On this special day, we give praise to female artist, Laura Berger. Her minimalist work, featuring mainly female characters, calls to mind a freedom that we seek to achieve in our fewer, better journey. Her art often depicts a world that’s almost dreamlike in nature, with only the simple human form as a subject. This resonated deeply with our own desire to strip away what’s not needed in search for interconnectedness and community. We are truly inspired by her work.
Take a moment today to raise up the women around you. We know we will.