Cuyana x AMANU

Cuyana x AMANU

For our first foray into footwear, we partnered with the Los Angeles-based brand, AMANU, to curate a selection of beautifully handcrafted custom sandals. A natural partner to exemplify fewer, better things, AMANU shares our appreciation for craftsmanship, heritage and sustainability. Made for the modern woman, we curated five essential colorways of AMANU’s elegantly simple Style 06.

Intrinsically aligned, our collaboration brings two collections together through our shared belief in meticulous design, carefully selected materials and simplicity in form. Across our brands, each piece is sustainably crafted with integrity and designed to withstand the test of time. Together, our luxury-made essentials honor tradition and enable modern women to live life intentionally.
The perfect complement to our latest collection, each pair of sandals is expertly crafted by skilled makers to seamlessly marry form and function. In neutral hues and intriguing textures, these sandals make an ideal final touch to your warm-weather wardrobe.
Designed to showcase the beauty of simplicity, Style 06 has two structural straps to keep you comfortable and secure. Whether monochrome hues or complementary tones, each versatile style can be paired with your favorite sunshine-ready pieces.
A seamless match, each of the five colorways was thoughtfully designed to pair with our collection from weightless linen to impossibly soft Pima cotton. Bold snakeskin adds intrigue to our black Pima Jumpsuit, coming this summer, while a rich brown croco adds warmth to our lighter linen. For the quintessential look of the season, soft cognac is the perfect neutral pair to a vibrant mango Linen Tie-Back Dress.

Anita Patrickson

AMANU founder, Anita Patrickson, has a profound appreciation for sustainability and conservation. Having spent her childhood in Africa, a connection with nature was an intrinsic part of her upbringing and daily rituals. Her unwavering respect for the planet has inspired the intention behind AMANU: to only use what is needed, be resourceful and to consciously honor the place, tradition and planet we are part of.

Anita and our co-founders, Karla and Shilpa, immediately connected upon meeting and built a relationship around their shared ethos. Inspired by this shared mission, these female founders set out to establish a partnership to marry our brands' collections.