Reintroducing our summer icons, handwoven in Ecuador, with love.

Honoring the Heritage

In honor of the history and craftsmanship behind our signature hats, we are changing the names of our hats to accurately represent their origin and the people behind them. 

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Meet the Ecuador Hats

Renaming an Icon

Renaming an Icon

Widely known as Panama hats, a misnomer perpetuated due to its trading and historical connection to the Panama Canal, our hats are in fact a symbol of Ecuadorian heritage and artisanal artistry. Each hat is a historical art piece, handwoven with the skills and knowledge passed down through generations of Ecuadorian indigenous women.

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A Timeline of Progress

Summer Ready

Lightweight and versatile, our signature hats make the perfect finishing touches to your everyday looks this season and beyond, whether it’s for a casual outing, celebration, or travel excursion.

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