Meet the Double Loop Bag

Cuyana Double Loop Bag

Made for your micro outings.

Lightweight leather. Italian craft. Perfected design. A year ago, we launched our Oversized Double Loop Bag—it became one of our most popular pieces. Now, we’re introducing the very same bag in a brand-new size. 

Designed for those quick errands and outings, our newest addition to the Double Loop family marries function and beauty with ease. This is fewer, better. 

Styled for Always

Dress it up. Dress it down. Wear it everywhere. Discover styling inspiration for our Double Loop Bag. 

Italian Craft

We partnered with a small, family-owned business in Italy to create a quality, timeless bag that stands the test of time. Their work is passed on through generations of skilled leather artisans, and we are honored to bring their heritage craft to you.

The Mini

Our Mini Double Loop Bag—the smallest member of the Double Loop family—has arrived. Designed with the same curvy silhouette in a compact size, our Mini is made for nighttime festivities and daytime get-togethers in mind. 

Our Double Loop bags previously went by a different name. To learn more about why we changed the name, read our Medium post here