Definition of the Wrap Skirt

Definition Of
The Wrap Skirt

Definition Of
The Wrap Skirt


1 Enduring design

: A 1920s silhouette, originated as sportswear, that has experienced nearly a century of resurgences

2 The study of versatility

: Dreamt up to inspire style that transitions from workweek to weekend

3 An iconic essential

: Inspiring the style of influential women past and present, from Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis to Michelle Obama

4 Made in Italy

: A gorgeous rendering of the highest-quality, lightweight Italian wool

5 A display of details

: Reads refined with thoughtfully tailored lines and a feminine side tie

6 The foundation of every season

: Instills confidence into crisp shirting, easy tees and more

7 Style that transcends

: The 1920s inspires this 1950s favorite, to become a 1970s staple, reintroduced as an essential in the nineties, enduring today as a mainstay

The foundation piece for every season.
Easy styling for all occasions.