Each element of our business is driven by our fewer, better ethos. Our materials are no exception. Made with quality craftsmanship and designed to last, our fabrics and leathers are sourced responsibly and created by hand. 

graphic showing percentage of sustainably-made products 96% in 2021, 100% by 2022 graphic showing percentage of sustainably-made products 96% in 2021, 100% by 2022 graphic showing percentage of sustainably-made products 96% in 2021, 100% by 2022

We made a promise.

In 2020, we made the commitment to achieve 100% sustainably-made products by 2022. In 2019, 73% of our assortment was sustainably-made. 

Our progress is already tangible: Today, 96% of our assortment is sustainably made. We are on track to achieve our goal of 100% by next year. 

By using higher momme counts (such as 30 mm), our silk outlasts other fabrics on the market.

Washable Silk

Deeply rooted in heritage and tradition, our silk is sourced from China where the fabric was invented nearly 5,000 years ago. Substantial in weight, our silk has a very high momme count, creating a finished product that is durable and luxurious to the touch.

Bluesign Certified

Substantial Silk

Our high momme-weight material is super durable with a luxurious finish. Certified as responsibly-made, our silk production minimizes resource use and has the lowest possible impact on workers and the environment.

Bluesign Certified


Our cashmere is validated by the highest certifications as sustainably-made. 

Single-Origin Cashmere

“Single-origin” means that our cashmere can be traced to a single elevated plateau in Inner Mongolia, where our resilient fibers are found. 100% unblended and unbleached cashmere, our Single-Origin sweaters represent ethical practices and a higher standard of production. 

 Responsible Cashmere Standard

Recycled Cashmere

Our recycled cashmere is made at a family-owned mill that has been in business for over 130 years. Crafted using a composition of at least 95% recycled cashmere, and virgin wool, this material is spun from 100% Post consumer Cashmere. Each sweater is crafted by recycling existing sweaters and breaking them down to countless fibers, which are then washed, treated, and spun into new, high-quality yarns. 

 Responsible Cashmere Standard

Wool Cashmere

Our wool and cashmere are spun together in Italy to create this cozy fabric that perfectly marries the heft of wool, the softness of cashmere, and the warmth of both fibers. Our wool is sourced from farms with a holistic respect for the welfare of the sheep and the land they graze on. 

 Responsible Wool Standard, Oeko-Tex

100% of our tanneries are certified by the Leather Working Group, the world's leading environmental certification for the leather manufacturing industry. 

Sourced from tanneries in Italy and Argentina, our luxurious leather is naturally supple and resilient. Designed to wear well over time, it is the perfect foundation for products that become your everyday companions.

Leather Working Group Certified


100% of our cotton will meet sustainable certification standards by 2022. 

Pima Cotton

Our pima cotton is Oeko-Tex and WRAP certified, ensuring that no hazardous substances are present and the manufacturing process is safe and ethical. Grown, spun, and finished all in Peru, this material is a long staple fiber that promises optimal comfort, resilient wear, and lightness in weight.

GOTS certified

Poplin Cotton

Our organically grown Poplin is made in Portugal, blending sturdy cotton with a touch of spandex for wrinkle resistance. This material is made with GOTS-certified organic cotton, which is blended with Sustainable Cotton and Elastane yarn. 


French Terry

Our sustainably-made pima cotton fiber is made in Peru from farm to finish. Irresistibly soft and designed to last, each style is finished by a family-owned workshop collective. Our French Terry essentials are also GOTS-certified, ensuring organic practices and that no harmful pesticides or chemicals are used from field to fiber to fabric.


100% alpaca. 100% traceable. 100% environmentally friendly. 

Know where your clothing comes from. Made from 100% pure and unblended alpaca fibers, the material is traceable from farm to fiber to finish. Plus, the alpacas gentle grazing prevents land degradation, ensuring future preservation.


Alpaca Origin Story

Made entirely from renewable resources. 

Our Toquilla straw is made in Ecuador, where the craft has been passed down for centuries and is a cultural practice identified by UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Each piece of Toquilla straw is hand woven by women in their homes, who have learned this craft from generations of traditional weaving. 

Toquilla Straw Origin Story


Regenerative Linen and Oeko-tex certified

Our Linen is made in Portugal from an Italian Linen that blends two natural regenerative fibers—flax and lyocell—to create a soft and wrinkle-resistant fabric. To ensure a perfect fit, our linen also is made with elastane for added stretch

Oeko-Tex, FSC-Certified, SMETA-Certified, 14001/SA800


0 harmful chemical coatings are used.

In the year ahead, we will adapt our canvas to be 100% GOTS certified canvas. Made in Turkey with Turkish Cotton Canvas and Leather Working Group Gold-certified Turkish leather trim, our Canvas is resilient and made to last.