Shades of Cool

Soak up the summer sun and stay cool this season with our collection of signature hats, handwoven in Ecuador, with love.

Lightweight and versatile, they are the perfect finishing touches for your outings, celebrations, or travel excursions this season and beyond.

Feminine and modern with a statement brim for ample shade, our Wide Brim Ecuador Hat will carry you through many adventures to come, from seaside getaways to unbeaten paths.

A timeless design for your warm-weather wardrobe, our classic Ecuador Hat is ideal for sunny days spent amongst nature and urban city streets alike.

A perfect partner for quick weekend trips and long vacations, our Packable Ecuador Hat is made with a softer weave for a perfectly packable piece to take you through many voyages to come.

Reintroducing the Ecuador Hats

In honor of the history and craftsmanship behind our signature hats, we changed the names of our hats to accurately represent their origin and the people behind them. 

Widely known as Panama hats, a misnomer perpetuated due to its trading and historical connection to the Panama Canal, our hats are in fact a symbol of Ecuadorian heritage and artisanal artistry.

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