Fewer, Better Living

January 2021

2021 brings a new dawn. Feelings of hope and optimism fill the space around us as we carry forward into the next chapter. This year, we are excited to strive toward our sustainability goals, create beautiful yet functional staples, define the future of fewer, better, and give back to our community in a meaningful way. We continue to rethink and reinvent everyday looks with unexpectedly versatile accessories and luxuriously soft apparel—pieces you will actually want to wear now. Each new product in our collection plays a role in our core wardrobe: a timelessly designed, quality made, and sustainably crafted repertoire. We hope you enjoy it.

With Love, Karla & Shilpa

Rose Quartz Embellishment

The One Thing

This month, we are excited to launch the newest additions to our jewelry collection. Inspired by the ease of elevating a look with just a few special pieces, our latest earring embellishments are designed to pair effortlessly with our existing hoops. Each stone—rose quartz, carnelian, and prehnite—represents a unique characteristic and can be mixed and matched with one another. Designed to be worn as vehicles of self-expression and crafted by hand, our modular line of earrings and adornments continue to add flare and personalization to any look. Stay tuned for our newest embellishments launching this coming Sunday.

Cuyana Office

Inside Cuyana

As 2020 came to a close, we felt especially grateful to our vendors and production partners. Our global craftsmen and creators worked closely with us as we navigated the new challenges that came with the pandemic. Doing business with small, family owned businesses is core to our work at Cuyana, and we feel deeply appreciative that we get to continue that work this year. As a thank you, we made a donation to World Central Kitchen—an organization providing meals in the wake of natural disasters. Currently, the organization is providing COVID-19 food relief to families by working with restaurant chefs and staff. As we continue to come together amid a crisis, our hope is to offer support in any way we can. 

Amanda Gorman Poem

Our Inspiration

We are continuously appreciative of individuals who dedicate themselves to fostering community. Amanda Gorman—the youngest inaugural poet in U.S. history—eloquently recited words of honesty and healing for the world to hear on January 20th. Her carefully-crafted sentiment beautifully illustrated a universal message of reflection and strength: “Even as we grieved, we grew.” Regardless of one’s political backgrounds or beliefs, Gorman’s poem invites every individual to listen, feel, and experience hope for the future. 

Cuyana Alpaca Coat Cuyana Alpaca Coat Cuyana Alpaca Coat
Cuyana Alpaca Sweater Cuyana Alpaca Sweater Cuyana Alpaca Sweater

The Making Of

We are proud to work alongside a female-owned and family-run company to bring our coveted alpaca pieces to life. Nestled in the Peruvian countryside, our partners practice a craft that has been passed down from generation to generation. Each of our alpaca fibers is carefully picked, sorted, and woven by hand to ensure top-notch quality for every garment. For our partners, weaving alpaca fibers is more than just a skill—it is a tradition. Learn the story behind our best-selling alpaca pieces. 

Final Thoughts

As we move forward, we are continuing to embrace cozy dressing amid the work-from-home era. And if you were wondering if balance is possible to achieve in such a time, our co-founder Shilpa Shah would say it’s not. She discusses the topic of balance on the podcast series, “Building Her Empire,” ensuring that it is often an impossible objective to fulfill completely, especially while navigating the unknown. However, comedian Lilly Singh does find calm in downtime activities, which she shares in an interview with New York Times (while donning our Tuxedo Blazer). Join the conversation and share your thoughts on finding balance at newsletter@cuyana.com. Stay tuned for more. 

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: mastering the art of design, quality, and sustainability.