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Self Care

The radical act of putting wellbeing first. While self-care rituals look different for everyone, they are integral for self-preservation. We partnered with clean beauty brands Tatcha and Westman Atelier to curate an edit of products that inspire and encourage self-love.

Westman Atelier

Founded on an appreciation for consciously-crafted beauty, Westman Atelier creates makeup with integrity. Formulated with clean ingredients, each product represents Westman’s commitment to offering luxurious, everyday products made possible by plant-based actives and cutting-edge science. Enjoy makeup that makes life simpler, and skin that feels as good as it looks.


Simplicity and authenticity serve as the guiding principles behind Tatcha’s beauty products. Inspired by the Japanese approach to skincare, less is more, every ingredient in Tatcha’s products is carefully selected to be gentle and safe for the skin while bearing maximum effectiveness. Every product encourages clean, luxurious rituals of self-care that invite you into the moment and back to yourself.


Each product we design is made to deliver a sense of ease into your everyday routine. From our newly-launched Wellness Case to our cozy French Terry set, our array of quality, thoughtful pieces will facilitate and elevate any self-care ritual.

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