Christiane Lemieux

Co-Founder of Cloth & Company, and author of The Finer Things

Entrepreneur, wife, mother, and design visionary, Christiane Lemieux is a true believer in the fewer, better lifestyle. Lemieux has an incredible roster of innovative projects, and the list just keeps evolving. Her recent book, The Finer Things, explores creating a beautiful space in your home with quality at the forefront of every decision. Lemieux’s new venture, Cloth & Company, focuses on a custom furniture experience that uses state-of-the-art 3-D imaging and printing technology that decreases lead time. Lemieux is also the Founder of DwellStudio, of which she started from her apartment in 1999. Beloved by all who come across it, DwellStudio continues to deliver beautiful product in the home design space.

Christine Lemieux

"When you look at the world through the lens of making it better—your priorities fall into place."

For women who want to make an impact? 

“Start by just starting. Make the goals small and doable. It is amazing how much can be accomplished when you can see the start and finish of each task. Accomplish one, then the next, then the next—you will be amazed how far you get. I think if the tasks seem huge, and the goals too lofty, it stops before it even starts.” 

On essential women: 

"I have come across so many amazing women through work, school, and life. However, I have the distinct privilege of working with Christy Turlington-Burns on the Board of Every Mother Counts. Christy is an incredible leader and team builder, and she has taught me to make decisions both business and personal with philanthropy at the core. When you look at the world through the lens of making it better—your priorities fall into place."

Christine Lemieux

On ‘Pause’: 

"My pause is sleep. When people ask me how I do it…the answer is always the same. Get eight hours of sleep and you can accomplish anything. My best decisions are made when I have the chance to think things through fully. I use to think that ‘run, run, run’ was the most productive way, but I have learned the hard way that stopping and truly digesting will get you a lot further along than just running into a decision or situation." 

On motivation and empowerment: 

“My children have become my greatest motivator. I want to lead by example and show them how far hard work gets you. I want my children to understand that they can accomplish anything. I get excited when things are working well at home, with my children and I both thriving. It makes me feel like I can accomplish anything.”