Ayesha Curry

Ayesha Curry

Founder of Homemade, Host of Ayesha’s Home Kitchen on Food Network, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Seasoned Life

Entrepreneur, author, chef, mother, wife of NBA superstar Stephen Curry: it is impossible to define Ayesha Curry. Her passions and talents have led to successes in countless different roles. Curry kindly welcomed us into her San Francisco Bay Area home during the filming of her recently premiered Food Network show, Ayesha’s Home Kitchen. Her warmth, sincerity and strength were undeniable, and we couldn’t help but feel inspired by her philosophy on family, food, and her newest business venture, Homemade.

The concept for Homemade, a meal kit company with family-inspired ingredients and recipes that have been hand-chosen by Curry herself, was fueled by the belief that the lifestyle of the modern mom is becoming increasingly demanding. The same way that we design for the busy contemporary woman, Homemade was created to alleviate meal-planning time to allow families more time for the significant moments in life. In our interview, Curry reflects on food and its ability to bring families together in profound ways, everyday.

On food & family:

“Many of my fondest memories revolve around food. The time I spent in the kitchen with my mother and my grandmother are moments I'll cherish. It inspires me to bring my girls into the kitchen to make memories of our own. Knowing what a profound impact that connection has had on my life, it's devastating that mealtime has lost its importance over the years. Helping to make it easier for families to get back around the table, and spend time together, is at the center of everything I do professionally.”

Ayesha Curry

On being an entrepreneur: “I want to inspire people to love food and create memories with the ones they love. Like many other young parents, I am just doing my best to grow each day.”

"And if my experiences can help other people on their path to living their best life, I’m thrilled to be a part of that journey. I feel very grateful to have the platform to be able to have that kind of impact.”

Ayesha Curry in her home

Why a meal kit company? “As schedules fill up, a home cooked meal is usually the first thing sacrificed. My husband and I both have very demanding schedules, and as my kids get older, their days fill up with practices and play dates. It's difficult enough just to get a meal on the table, let alone one that is nutritious and something your family will actually enjoy.  

Since I couldn't find a meal kit that worked for me, I created it! Homemade has meals that are approachable but don’t lack in flavor and excitement. It has extras like coloring books, to keep little hands busy while the meal gets prepared. I made small tweaks that made it a fit for my busy family, knowing that a lot of other people will find it a fit for their busy families, as well.”

The secret to finding balance as a mother: “There is no formula to finding a balance between career and motherhood. The “mom guilt” is real, but you just do your best to be present and make sure your kids always feel supported. When I’m on the road and missing home, I find some resolve in the fact that I’m setting a strong example for my daughters, showing them that with enough hard work and perseverance they are capable of anything.”