10 Years of Fewer, Better 

Over the last ten years, we committed ourselves to versatile design, global craftsmanship, and sustainable production. Our vision to create well-made products that stand the test of time came to fruition in 2011. Since then, we stayed true to our promise to minimize our environmental impact while championing makers around the world by creating beautiful pieces that wear in—not out. 

Our most valuable accomplishment of the last decade is the community we built. Thank you for being part of our 10-year journey. To celebrate this community, we turned to Cuyana extended-family members and true customers—Poorna Jagannathan, Roti Brown, Kayla Ewell, and Mandana Dayani—to hear what fewer, better means to them. Learn their stories and the history behind their favorite forever pieces. 

Our Totes

Our totes are made to facilitate the many phases of your day and routine—each is designed to support the various facets of your life while carrying your essentials. To celebrate the most beloved pieces of our collection, we asked Poorna Jagannathan, an actress, storyteller, advocate, and mother, to share what her tote means to her. She has built her life and career around wearing many hats, and shares her experience with the product that allows her to transition seamlessly between the roles she plays. 

Our Tote Story Our Tote Story Our Tote Story
Travel Case Set Story Travel Case Set Story Travel Case Set Story

Our Travel Case Set

In our 10 year journey, we set out to create the perfect Travel Case Set: a luxurious leather duo made for organizing your necessities at home or on the go. Roti Brown, a creative strategist and content creator, joined our 10 year celebrations to share her perspective on fewer, better, her commitment to consuming less, and her experience with one of our very first pieces. Learn her story and the journey of our go-to accessory.

Our Panama Hat 

Our Panama Hat is the first product we ever made. Representative of heritage tradition and quality craftsmanship, this piece reflects our fewer, better values. To celebrate the significance of this piece, we turned to a dear friend, actress, philanthropist, artist, and producer Kayla Ewell. Kayla shares our values and appreciation for well-made products that represent a passing down of knowledge. Learn her story and take on our first-ever piece.

Model with Panama Hat Model with Panama Hat Model with Panama Hat

Fewer, Better As Told By Mandana Dayani 

Mandana Dayani has lent her voice to a number of causes that are close to our hearts at Cuyana. She founded the organization @iamavoter, which is dedicated to increasing voter participation. As an advocate for mindful consumption and the fewer, better lifestyle, Mandana shares her perspective on what fewer, better means to her and why it matters. 

Our mission is to continue to inspire a fewer, better lifestyle. We invite our community to join us in celebrating 10 Years of Fewer, Better. Tell us what fewer, better means to you and share it with us by tagging #CuyanaTurns10 and @cuyana.