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  • Spotted over a beautifully sunny San Francisco weekend: Cuyana favorites, intermixed into effortless street style. Pair our light, easy cotton oxford dress - cut in a tailored yet relaxed silhouette - with classic accents such as a Panama hat and aviator shades. Or, top your denim attire with the versatile hat and add a touch of caramel with our everyday leather tote.

    Photos courtesy of Angie Silvy; styling by Caroline Rooney; models Morgan Olson & Taylor Rick; hair & make-up by Rebecca Willow Taff.

    Cuyana Cotton Oxford Dress & Panama HatCuyana Panama Hat, Caramel ToteCuyana Panama Hat & Caramel Tote

  • Our existential question for the summer is a little less weighty than Hamlet's, but important nonetheless. To cuff or not to cuff? We hope you do, with one of our new, lovely, high-shine pieces, both made in Bali with hand-poured brass by the best local artisans.

    The tag cuff is designed to imitate the classic silhouette of a sleek timepiece: a slim, elegant accessory that is easily dressed up or down. The oval cuff is slightly asymmetrical and more of a statement piece, although still versatile enough for everyday.

    Learn more about how our Bali jewelry is made here, and shop the full Bali jewelry collection here.

    #cuff #bracelet#cuff #bracelet

  • Modern, attention-grabbing design married with traditional craftsmanship, our Bold Asymmetrical Earrings are statement pieces that add an instant style update to any summer wardrobe. Inspired by the organic shapes of nature and the fluidity of water, these earrings are created using a variety of traditional Balinese jewelry-crafting techniques, including the hand-pouring of brass, high-shine hammering, and more.

    Seeking a more subtle accessory? We also designed a smaller version, our Asymmetrical Earrings: delicately feminine yet crafted with the same character of craftsmanship.

    To create both sets of asymmetrical earrings, and the rest of our summer jewelry collection, we had no place else in mind except Bali, Indonesia. The level of workmanship and pure artistry from Balinese jewelry craftsmen is second to none in the world. Dating back as far as the 12th century, tribes from the Majapahit kingdom settled in Bali and brought with them finely honed jewelry-making skills learned from centuries of contact with Indian and East Asian traders. These artisans produced every type of jewelry - from gold bracelets and earrings to crowns, belts, and hair combs - for royalty and civilians. Their design was often inspired by nature and mythology; their techniques primarily based upon casting (pouring molten metal, typically silver or brass), forging, hammering, filigree, and more.

    Shop our full Bali jewelry collection here, and happy summer from Cuyana!

    Handcrafted by Balinese artisansHandcrafted by Balinese artisans#earrings #bali