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Lean Closet

A lean closet enables a fuller life: for ourselves and for others. Our Lean Closet Movement challenges us to collect fewer, better things, and to donate the pieces in our wardrobes that are merely taking up space to those who need them.

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    Lean Closet Series

    We created The Lean Closet Series hoping to make the end goal of a leaner closet and fuller life easy for anyone to achieve. The 4-week series, taught by a different guest editor and expert in her respective field each week, provides tools for each of us to build our own version of a lean closet. Visit the series, and read what guest editors from InStyle, PureWow, Real Simple, Anthology Magazine & more have to share.

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    How it works

    With every Cuyana purchase where you select "lean shipping" at checkout, we will send you a reusable bag to fill up with items that aren’t helping you live your most beautiful life.  You mail the bag back to us (with the included shipping label) and our non-profit partners will get your cast-offs into the hands of people whose lives will be made better by your generosity.

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    Get rewards

    As an added bonus, for every donation you make, you will receive a $10 credit towards your next Cuyana purchase. It’s about doing more with less in our closets- and doing more for others, in general.  

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    We're here to help

    If this sounds daunting, we want to help. We will be serving up tips on how to clear your closet and suggestions on how to re-work what you already own on our blog.