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  • What is Cuyana?

Fewer, Better Things

Cuyana celebrates a life filled with fewer, better things. We create apparel and accessories, designed with a classic, modern aesthetic, sourced from the world's highest quality materials and crafted to last a lifetime. By selling directly to customers rather than through other retailers, Cuyana is able to offer high-quality, timeless pieces at attainable prices.

Winter 2014 Collection

Our holiday collection celebrates the most magical time of the year through enchanted elegance and sophisticated charm. To match the mood of the season, we created essential pieces that exude warmth without sacrificing femininity, that epitomize the new notion of elevated functionality.

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Watch our story...

Learn more about Cuyana's philosophy as well as how we design and create our collections. Each one of our pieces is crafted with a story behind it: from the unique culture of the country it's made in to the inimitable skills of the craftsmen who make it. We are honored to be able to share these stories with you. Cuyana means "to love" in Quechua: each one of our pieces is made to be loved and to make you feel beautiful.

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There is beauty in the aesthetic of less

Join us on our mission to simplify our closets and our lives through intentional buying – to create a closet filled with only pieces you love. With this movement, we hope for you to celebrate the pieces in your wardrobe that you will wear forever – and to take all those things that you don't wear and gift them to others who can use them.

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